About Champion MCI Airport Shuttle

The Creed of Champion Shuttle

Strive honestly, with moral and malice to none. Be fully functioning with pure intentions;

Give away the best service we have to offer, but remember the worst for growth;

Remember where we came from, and be thankful for the communities we have grown in;

Never lose sight of the future we hope for, let that remain our guiding light even through the darkest times;

Never fear growth, be willing and acceptant to change;

Maintain the discipline to succeed, and the courage to fail;

Open minded to personal talents of team members, and developing them as much as possible;

To deliver on each reservation, every day, every way, to the best we can;

To never give up;

Because with the heart of a CHAMPION;

We will;

Be untouchable.

Our Mission

Champion Shuttle’s mission is to be the leading producer and provider of transportation in the Greater Kansas City Area.

Providing every guest with a unique, attentive, dynamic engagement paired with modern technology.

With this expedition set, Champion Shuttle will strive to be a recognized trailblazer of employee empowerment, classic customer service, and enforcer of industry standards. While being true to our creed we promise to be committed and active in the communities we serve.

How Champion Shuttle Operates

From initial contact with Champion Shuttle, our passengers will get secure, safe, and quality service that is found nowhere else.

Champion Shuttle operates as a reservation-based service requiring a 24-hour notice to secure your transportation needs. If notifying Champion Shuttle within 24-hours of your transportation needs, we will do the best we can to assist you with our existing schedule. Champion Shuttle pledges to deliver on each reservation, every day, every way, to the best we can.

Securing your Reservation:

  • Call (913) 937-9444 or visit www.championshuttle.com
  • Contact Information including name, number, email, etc..
  • Pick Up/Drop Off Location including flight information
  • Number of passengers, luggage, any special accommodations
  • Valid Credit/Debit Card

Our Technology

Matching our own expectations, Champion Shuttle has incorporated the best system in the business to ensure efficiency in each reservation. Champion Shuttle is built upon a responsive website that can be operated on any device you choose.

Upon your departure with Champion Shuttle, the passenger will receive the name, number, and a photo of their driver. This is a primary attribute of how Champion Shuttle ensures safety. Utilizing the sophistication of our incorporated system, Champion Shuttle has the ability to track when a flight arrives early, is delayed, or canceled. Because of this, our passenger can travel with a peace of mind. The only exception being when a flight number has changed. In this event, it is the passenger’s responsibility to notify Champion Shuttle immediately.

The highlight of Champion Shuttle’s system is the ability for the passenger to pay directly from the driver’s app. The passenger can walk away knowing that their information is safe, secure, and settled.

Our Fleet

Champion Shuttle’s fleet utilizes Mini-Vans and Town Cars that are fully insured and approved for business at the Kansas City Internation Airport. Champion Shuttle strives to maintain a clean and smooth riding vehicle at all times. Through the use of Geo Tabs equipped in each vehicle, Champion Shuttle’s dispatchers are aware of speed, locations, and any complications that may accrue at any time.

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